Princess margaret and roddy llewellyn dating

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His parents separated when he was young and at 16 he contracted a form of polio, called poliomyelitis.

He overcame his disability by making a study of leg muscles and then devising exercises, but the experience was to make him a life-long campaigner against the discrimination of disabled people.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex and the Princess Royals husband and children were also present.

His first official royal assignment was for the Duke of Kent’s 21st birthday, with picture sessions with Prince Charles, Princess Margaret, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh following soon after.The royal couple’s second child, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, was born on 1 May, 1964.Rumours of a rift in the marriage began as early as 1967, when foreign newspapers began to carry stories of a private “battle royal”.Also in attendance were Princess Margarets ex-husband, the Earl of Snowdon, her favourite butler, Harold Brown, and her former beau Roddy Llewellyn, accompanied by his wife Tania, a good friend of the late Princess.Names from the world of entertainment also came to pay their last respects to Princess Margaret.

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